Mission Statement:

The Cubanakoa Foundation provides opportunities to believe and engage in journey, to a time and place of divine ancestral understanding in order to bring forward ideas of universal heritage living, loving, and worshiping. By reconnecting past to present, beliefs of equatorial peoples, and finally people to people, humankind will experience that we are and always have been connected at the deepest level of existence.

Current Projects:

    Cubanakoa works to promote communication and cooperation amongst cultural organizations and communities in the Caribbean, Oceania, and Southeast Asia through ongoing research, international exchange programs and community trainings. Please contact us to learn more about our organization and what you can do to get involved. Thank you.

Aloha Cuba! Peace, Hospitality, Sustainability

    In response to U.S. President Barack Obama’s call to engage American citizens with citizens of Cuba in “people-to-people” relations, The Cubanakoa Foundation is raising money to plan, organize, train and provide travel grants for youth, and senior artists and musicians, environmentalists and agriculturalists, who identify with and are mindful of their ethnic or indigenous identity, to take part in educational and cultural exchange programs. To kick off this program, our 2016 – 2018 vision is focused on the shared values of indigenous people of the Pacific Island Nations, the Caribbean and Cuba. Exchanges will occur around major cultural events in Cuba, Hawaii, and other island nations in March, June, September and December 2016. We will build 2017 and beyond programs based on collecting and sharing a vision for a way forward.



Jesus Puerto – President


Like stones rolling down a hill, fair ideas reach their objective despite all obstacles and barriers. It may be possible to speed or hinder them, but impossible to stop them.” – Jose Marti, Statesman, Poet, Visionary and Cuban Revolutionary

Visionary of the Soul de Cuba Cafe restaurant and founding member of the Cubanakoa Foundation, Jesus Puerto believes Cubanakoa’s mission to be one which serves to celebrate human kind’s shared history, stories and journey. Through support of Soul de Cuba Cafe companies, Jesus and members of the Cubanakoa Foundation have worked to improve relations between the United States and Cuba by way of working to establish a Sister City relationship between Honolulu and Havana, by conducting people-to-people exchanges and by leading exploration of linguistic connections between ancestral peoples of the caribbean and the pacific.

  • Led the development of Habitat for Humanity in Samoa.
  • Served as Country Desk Officer for Peace Corps programs in the Caribbean and Central America.
  • Project Development Officer for Paul Newman’s Association of Hole in the Wall Camps. Developed programs and activities for terminally ill children in Thailand, Southern Africa and Japan
  • In 2004, Led the development of the first Soul de Cuba Cafe in New Haven,
  • Two years later opened Soul de Cuba Cafe in Honolulu, Hawaii and launched Soul de Cuba Specialty Foods. Soul de Cuba Specialty Foods is the first ever nationally-distributed Cuban food product line.
  • In 2010, began franchising the Soul de Cuba Cafe model.

Henry P. Tamasese – Vice President

Assistant Chief Executive Officer

at Public Service Commission of Samoa


Proven professional training and management experience.

  • Ability to direct complex training from concept to delivery to evaluation
  • Proven facilitator and trainer skills with over 6000 hours of experience
  • Strong leadership, problem solving and team oriented skills
  • Proven ability to work in unison with different organizations and specialists

Specialties: managing programs, negotiating/arbitrating conflicts, public relations, consultation, instructional/training skills, teamwork/cooperation, knowledge of community/government affairs, creative thinking, evaluating programs, supervising employees, defining performance standards, advising courses of action, reporting information, developing plans for projects, enforcing rules and regulations, interacting with people at different levels, skillfully applying professional knowledge


Rev. Philip Ferreira Harmon – President, Board of Directors

Founder ASI Hawaii and Kahumana Farm.


Rev. Philip Ferreira Harmon, born and raised in Hawaii, was ordained in 1974 as a Russian Orthodox Priest in Lviv, Ukraine, and returned to Hawaii with the mission to care for the poor, the disenfranchised, the disabled and the homeless on the Leeward Coast of Oahu. He and Dr. Frances Sydow founded Alternative Structures International dba Kahumana Community in Waianae of 1978 in order to accomplish that mission. 40 years later ASI dba Kahumana provides cares and housing for 124 homeless families in our Transitional Housing Program, provides a daycare program for 18 adults with developmental disabilities and offers a variety of other services to the community,especially organic produce from our 14.6 acre farm and Organic Meals to the public from our Organic Cafe. Father Harmon joined Jesus Puerto and Cubanakoa Foundation in May of 2012. After he discovered both DNA evidence and actual family connections in Cuba. He is committed to linking the Island Communities of the Pacific to the Island Communities of the Caribbean.

86-660 Lualualei Homestead Rd.
Waianae HI 96792

283 Crown Street
New Haven CT 06511
+1 203 498-2822 - t
+1 203 503-0146 - f

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